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Yogyakarta often known as Yogya, Yoja or even Jogja, is located in the island of Java, Indonesia. For me Jogja is a special, buzzing picturesque place, full of art, history, and culture, and a must visit in the island of Java.

Jogja has so many things to offer that you can easily spend a week there. Don’t assume that the only good thing about it is the proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Borobodur & Prambanan.


Walking around the Kraton neighbourhood is quite pleasant, with its narrow and colourful streets.

To visit the Kraton Palace is Rp.15,000 ($1) + Rp.1,000 ($0.10) for the camera.

Included in the ticket price they have different performances everyday in the inner pavilion from 9 to noon. Depending on the day, they have gamelan (music), wayang golek (puppetry), classical dance, Javanese poetry , leather puppetry and Javanese dance.

Just make sure you enter through the correct entrance – north-west side,  and be careful with scammers here.

Water Palace (Taman Sari)

The Taman Sari is located just southwest of the Kraton, and is a complex with pools and waterways, once used by the sultan. To get there you will need to cross the tunnels and underground mosque. The entrance fee is Rp.7000 ($0.50).

Jalan Malioboro

The Maliboro is a massive street that goes as far as the eye can see, packed with shops and stalls selling a bit everything. If you are not into busy places and shopping, maybe avoid this street.

During the evening the north end of JI Malioboro gets full of street food vendors selling inexpensive and delicious vegan food.

During the day, visit the Maliboro street at the same time as the Beringharjo Market.

yogyakarta 110


Yogyakarta is well know in Java for its huge markets, give yourself a morning or two to go around different neighbourhoods and explore the best of what they have to offer.

Sono-Budoyo Museum

This museums has a mixture of really interesting Javanese arts from puppets to batiks, and also pieces from the Balinese culture.

If you keep an eye, they host performances here regularly during the evenings.

The entrance fee is Rp.5,000 ($0.40). Yogyakarta has other museums but this one was for me the most interesting one.

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Street art

The street art in Jogjia is incredible rich and really interesting. It’s great to have a walk around and see some of the greatest murals in Yogyakarta.

Vegan Street Food

The street food scene in Yogyakarta is great, and there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

Yogyakarta Tourist Traps to avoid
  • Silver and Batik
  • Price Hike, don’t be afraid to haggle,
  • Long Taxi Rides.

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha


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  1. Back Pikir

    Sangat mengasikan kalo ke jogja

  2. Image Earth Travel

    Really enjoyed the walk back through my library of memories to when I visited Yogyakarta in 1998 – great photos!

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