Vegan Guide to Saigon

If you’re traveling to the south of Vietnam you will likely end up in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It’s really easy to travel as a vegan in Vietnam. There’s so much great vegan food around that is almost unbelievable and Ho Chi Minh is no exception. You can find great vegan places around the city.

Saigon has a great vegan scene, due to its young population, the prevalence of Buddhism. From street vendors to restaurants there are endless plant-based options to be found in the streets of Saigon.

There are a big number of ‘Quan Chay’ (vegetarian restaurants) which serve at least a large selection of vegan food. Just look for the word “chay” in shop banners

From my experience language can be a barrier so it’s better to be prepared. I normally do a PrintScreen of some keywords from google translator.

Vegan Guide to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Here’s my guide on where to eat in Ho Chi Minh City.

Filthy Vegan

Filthy Vegan is located in District 1, the heart of the city, and serves delicious vegan comfort food. They try to be zero waste and use biodegradable packaging.

Friendly staff with fast service. All the food I tried was delicious and everything they sell here is vegan.

10% of the profit goes to a vegan charity based in Vietnam.

Nhà Hàng Chay Bà Xã

Ba Xa is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant with an extensive menu and tasty food. You can try a variety of faux meats but also tofu and vegetable dishes, the food is fresh and delicious.

Phúc Quang Chay

Phuc Quang Chay is a vegan restaurant with a large menu of Vietnamese dishes, with organic and raw options located in District 1.

Veggie Saigon Cafe & Restaurant

Veggie Saigon serves  Vietnamese dishes in vegan and international versions. All the food I’ve tried was delicious, fresh and full of flavor. They have an extensive menu and a central location.

Thực Phẩm Chay Âu Lạc

Âu Lạc is a small chain of vegan restaurants and food stores.

The one I went to served really good food, especially for the price. During the day they have a great buffet of mock meat, stir-fries, rice, spring rolls, etc.

Because is a buffet you can get by easily without speaking Vietnamese you can just point at what you’d like.

If you want to cook you can find all you need to cook with except fresh vegetables.

Nha Toi vegan

Nha Toi, is a vegan restaurant with a large menu with mostly Vietnamese food.

You can order from the menu or have the buffet plate. Everything I tried was delicious and super flavourful.

I hope this guide to being vegan in HCMC has put your mind at ease, Vegan food here is abundant and delicious. Vietnam is an awesome place to travel and is well worth the trip.

3 thoughts on “Vegan Guide to Saigon

  1. equinoxio21

    I’m not a vegan. BY far, but I must say Asian cuisine coul easily have me eat only “veggies” for a while… 🙂 8And I love Vietnamese cuisine… Thank you for the “trip”.

  2. Juliet

    Oh I loved how fresh and healthy the food was in Vietnam! Seeing this post makes me excited to go back again one day.

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