Unmissable Užupis

Visiting Užupis while travelling through Vilnius is a must. Uzupis is a small bohemian republic and for me one of the most interesting parts of the city.


“Technically” it’s a different republic, with its own constitution and special independence day. This cool and edgy neighbourhood separated from the Old Town by the Vilnelė River.

Užupis declared itself an independent republic on April 1, 1997. It was created by bohemians and artists and you can definitely feel the creative vibe here.

The community hosts regular fashion festivals, concerts, exhibitions and poetry evenings.

For me, the best thing about this place is the colourful street art. You can easily spend a day at least roaming the streets of this fun-loving republic.

Crossing the Užupis Border

Just like any other republic, Užupis has a border, marked with a sign on the bridge.

If you go under the bridge you can see the Mermaid or Užupis’ Maiden. Legend has it that if you look at her long enough she might seduce you to stay in Užupis forever.

The Constitution of Užupis

The Užupis Constitution has 41 articles translated into more than 50 languages.

Curiosity Room

From the Curiosity Room (Užupis’ tourist and information centre) you can get a little something to remember your visit, send a postcard with the Užupis stamp on it, or you can get your passport stamped.

Užupis Art Incubator

Next to the Vilnelė River, you can find really cool sculptures and art installations.

The narrow Jonas Mekas Draught Alley connects the Vilnius Academy of Arts with Užupis Street and is decorated by painters from all over the world.

Uzupis is a fantastic spot to discover some street art, with many of the best pieces concentrated around the Vilnia River.


photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha

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  1. Anonymous

    UŽUPIS is one of our favorite memories from our journey in 2013.

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