Travelling in Armenia as a Vegan

Let’s start by saying that if you think veganism is too difficult or rare in Armenia, luckily you’re completely wrong ?

Not that Armenia is full of trendy vegan restaurants and cafes, far from that. Armenians really love their meat and food is pretty dairy heavy… but because some traditional Armenian dishes are actually vegan.

Lent probably has an impact on it. Christians abstain from animal products for some time during the year and some restaurants even have a Lent Menu.

When eating out you can always find something vegan, like hummus, falafel, nuts, dried fruit or tabbouleh (green salad).

Here is a list of traditional Armenian food that is accidentally vegan

Tabbouleh – Salad made of bulgur, mint, onions, and tomatoes, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Ghapama – stuffed baked pumpkin dish with boiled rice and dried fruits and nuts.

Lavash – A thin flatbread made with flour, water, and salt, and sometimes sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds.

Armenian garden salad – Made with tomatoes, basil, parsley, cucumber, romaine lettuce, salt, lemon juice, wine, vinegar, and olive oil.

Dolma – cabbage leaf rolls stuffed with rice, a variety of herbs and normally meat but you can just ask have it without it.

Jengyalov Hac flatbread stuffed with green herbs.

Soups – vegetable soups can be found almost everywhere. Aveluk soup, Cornel soup and Rose hip soup are a must.

Basooc dolma – pickled cabbage leaf with lentils, chickpeas, red kidney beans, and grains, mixed with spices. It is served cold and sometimes with dried apricot.

Lenten Dolma – grape leaf rolls stuffed with rice and spices.

Yerevan has some great places serving delicious vegan meals that you can try while travelling in the capital city of Armenia. Here is a list of the TOP VEGAN RESTAURANTS IN YEREVAN.

Do you know any other Armenian traditional dishes that are vegan-friendly?

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  1. anuragbakhshi

    My wife and I were supposed to be in Armenia from end-March for 10 days. But obviously, everything got canceled 🙁

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