Vilnius street art

Checking out the street art is an absolute must when travelling through Lithuania and visiting the capital city Vilnius.

Art scene

The streets of Vilnius are dotted all over with amazing pieces of art. Although the city has plenty to see you need to know where to go. There is a map here with the most famous ones.

Even in Vilnius Old Town, you can find small stickers, stencils and graffiti.

from post-industrial quarter to open-air gallery

You can’t miss the Open Gallery in Vilnius a long-term interdisciplinary project and cultural initiative, located in the post-industrial district Naujamiestis.

Here you will find lots of creative projects such as paintings on the factory walls, installations, sculptures, performances, etc.

The spread of art in Vilnius doesn‘t stop with the Open Gallery, new murals keep appearing around the city.

Užupis, Vilnius’s bohemian heart

The small bohemian republic called Užupis with its own constitution and special independence day has lots of colourful street art to be found. Most work is concentrated by the Vilnia River.

Have you been to Vilnius? Did you see any of the eye-catching street art? What’s your favourite street art city?

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha