Vilnius vegan scene

When you first arrive in Lithuania the first impression is that they are as far from being vegan-friendly as you can get. Lithuania is not exactly known for being a culinary paradise, heavily centred on meat and dairy…. and well potatoes.. but that is vegan 😉

However, like many other major cities, Vilnius has a growing vegan scene, like its neighbour country Estonia.

Nowadays there are a number of places with vegan options, especially around the University.  If you’re looking for the best plant-based options in Vilnius, here are my 5 favourite spots:

The best vegan food in Vilnius
RoseHip Vegan Bistro

This is one of the best vegan places in Vilnius. Everything I tried here was absolutely delicious, plus the staff was very kind and friendly.

The restaurant is very well decorated with electric pinks and cute neon signs.

Vieta – conscious vegetarian and vegan food

Cosy, rustic and comfortable place with a great variety of vegan/vegetarian food, located in the centre of Vilnius. The Menu is well-labelled so you easily see what is vegan.

The area is not too big, and it’s popular with local students, so better to book a table just to be on the safe side.

Its a really nice restaurant that served a wide variety of delicious vegan options.

Vegafe isn’t strictly vegan, they work on ayurvedic principles, but all the vegan options are clearly indicated and the staff is friendly and happy to turn several vegetarian options into vegan upon request.



The environment is cosy and warm, and the menu has lots of pictures what can be really helpful.

The food is delicious and if you are into it there are lots of deep-fried things on the menu. I personally loved the rice with chickpeas, kofta and fresh carrot juice.  The soups are also delicious.

Chaika is a cute little tea shop that serves coffee and tea with plant-based milk, vegan sandwiches and desserts from another world. Probably the best vegan desserts in Vilnius.
Definitely worth the trip.

Have you been to any of these places in Vilnius? Do you have any other recommendation?