The vegan guide to Norway

Norway is a beautifully simple country with breathtaking landscapes. If you love nature, exploring new places and vegan food then it should be one for your travel bucket list.

You may think it’s difficult to find good vegan food in Norway, but right now there is a vegan revolution happening in this unlikely Nordic country. If you are going further afield, make sure you read The Secret Traveller’s top tips.

So, here are just a few reasons why Norway can be a vegan food haven:

It’s gaining traction, fast

Although many traditional dishes are meat and fish-based, the country has seen a rise in vegans in the past few years. Apparently, it’s the fastest-growing food category in grocery stores. Over the past 6 years, the total number of people eating ethically in Norway has increased by a huge 80%, so it seems to be going in the right direction.

Oslo is the place to be

Oslo, Norway’s capital is quickly becoming an exciting destination for vegans, with more than one hundred places offering plant-based options.

Silk Road

They have a very eclectic menu with dishes from different cuisines. Everything I tried was absolutely delicious. The quality, flavour and presentation are mind-blowing.

Food Shack

If you’re in the mood for some proper junk food without the guilt, Food Shack serves delicious jackfruit and other plant-based burgers.

Nature and the Fjords

Norway is a great place to appreciate and connect with nature. Just think about the majestic mountains, crystal-clear waters, and vibrantly green fields that dominate much of the country.

On top of that if you visit the Geirangerfjord in north-western Norway pop into the Geiranger Chocolate Factory to try some of the vegan chocolates they have.

Fjords Norway travel

Food markets and festivals

The Trøndersk Food Festival happens during the summer in Trondheim, and represents over 200 of the country’s local producers. Again, there’s a lot of meat and fish as you’d expect, but there are also plenty of fresh veggie dishes to get stuck into. The Gladmat food festival in Stavanger is also another one for your list – it draws in over 250k foodies on an annual basis, and has live music, too.

vegan Norway APP 

There is a free app which helps you find all the vegan-friendly places in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim & Stavanger, called Vegan Norway ( iOS * Android )

So there you have it – the vegan foodie’s guide to Norway. Have you got your own tips and tricks when travelling the Nordic countries? Let me know!