5 reasons you should switch to a natural deodorant

The health and beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors internationally. But there is now an ever-increasing population of ethical consumers who are turning their back on the mainstream cosmetic giants in favour of clean beauty brands.

Not only are people looking for high-quality products, but there’s also an increasing demand for brands to be cruelty-free and to demonstrate an awareness of their impact on the environment. Around 10 million animals suffer and die due to cosmetic testing every year, and so there are now many cruelty-free products on the market hoping to challenge industry standards. One of these more ethical products is a natural deodorant, and here are five compelling reasons to choose it when you next go shopping:

5 reasons to switch to a natural deodorant

1. No nasty ingredients

If it hadn’t already occurred to you to check the ingredients on your deodorant, maybe you should. It turns out that antiperspirants are full of ingredients that could potentially harm you, such as aluminium. The aluminium salts contained within some deodorant formulas are formulated to actually block your sweat ducts. Preventing moisture from forming on your skin.

Aluminium has been linked to the development of certain cancers as well as Alzheimer’s, so by choosing a natural deodorant, you are reducing the risks associated with this particular ingredient.

 2. Sweat it out – it’s good for you!

Whilst most antiperspirants block the sweat from exiting your body. Natural deodorants allow you to sweat whilst preventing the unpleasantness of body odour.

It is healthy and natural to release sweat while exercising. As it releases toxins and can help boost your immune system.

When you prevent sweat from leaving the body, this can cause build-up beneath the skin – resulting in painful and irritable bumps under your arms.

Natural deodorants allow you to sweat, however, they prevent the bacteria on your skin from reacting with the moisture you produce, preventing nasty body odour.

3. Goodbye sweat stains…

As mentioned before, most regular antiperspirants contain aluminium as a means to prevent you from sweating. However, as well as being harmful to you, aluminium can also react with your sweat and clothing to create unsightly sweat stains. By choosing a natural alternative, you are less likely to ruin your clothes.

4. It’s the ethical choice

With as many as 36% of women only buying from brands who don’t test on animals, it is clear to see that the beauty industry is changing – it has never been easier for consumers to go cruelty-free.

By choosing a natural deodorant, you are reducing your impact on the environment by not contributing to animal testing. Health and beauty brands now have alternative tests at their disposal, as there are more than 50 forms of non-animal related tests which have been validated for use.

For those who are conscious of animal welfare and want to make a difference, natural deodorant is the best choice. If a product is cruelty-free they are usually certified by companies such as PETA or Cruelty Free International.

5. Natural deodorant is good for your skin

Natural deodorants tend to contain natural oils and other ingredients that can actually condition and moisturise the skin beneath your arms. Unlike regular deodorants, they treat your skin sensitively whilst working effectively.