A vegan in Singapores

Being a vegan inĀ Singapore is just pure heaven, you can find lots of great options anywhere.

In December 2016 Peta named Singapore the second most friendly vegan city in Asia, so that should mean something Ā šŸ˜€

Singapore’s food combines Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western influences,Ā Japanese and Thai,Ā Ā andĀ is rich in vegetarian options.Ā For me the best places were theĀ hawker centres (food-courts), they are easy to find and have a bit of everything from fruit juices, smoothies made with local and exotic fruit, desserts, pure vegan meals and even raw vegan.Ā You will be able to taste all cuisines, from 4$-12$ per meal. You can also look forĀ Indian andĀ vegetarianĀ Chinese restaurantsĀ often serving up amazingĀ vegan options.

If you eat in a non-vegetarian restaurantĀ be aware that dishes that appear vegetarian on the menu may contain oyster sauce, salted fish, etc. justĀ check withĀ the staff first.

Here are some places that I recommendĀ for having great delicious and affordableĀ food. Remember that healthy dishes that require a lot of efforts and innovation often come with large bills šŸ™‚

hawker centres:

  • Circuit Road Food Centre has manyĀ vegetarian food stalls;Ā here you can try theĀ vegan versions of local dishes such as tahu goreng, satay, briyani rice, nasi lemak (coconut rice), hor fun, chicken rice, laksa, etc.
  • Fortune Centre at BugisĀ has manyĀ great vegan eateries and more options outside the centre.
  • Redhill Market and Food CentreĀ – vegetarian cuisine is popular at this food centre, try theĀ Bee Hoon withĀ mockĀ Char SiewĀ from the Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian Food.
  • Kim San Leng Food Centre
  • Bendemeer Market and Food Centre

(many veg food stalls tend to be closed on Monday)

restaurants / eateries:

  • Gokul Vegetarian RestaurantĀ (Little India) has a very extensive menu (about 400 items of which three-quarters are listed as vegan) and you can sample Indian, Chinese, international and local dishes and desserts all under one roof.
  • Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant –Ā Ā Chinese vegetarian
  • Nature Vegetarian DelightsĀ –Ā Chinese vegetarian restaurant
  • Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant.Ā It’s a Chinese restaurant serving mainly mock-meats
  • Yi xin vegetarianĀ – the best in china town
  • Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian RestaurantĀ 
  • Genesis vegan RestaurantĀ 
  • Ā Vegandeli SGĀ 
  • Green Leaf Cafe –Ā Little India.
  • Veggie King International Buffet
  • Steamboat RestaurantĀ for international, regional (Japanese, Korean, Thai) and local buffet dishes which include desserts.
  • Fill-a-Pita -Middle Eastern vegetarian food.
  • Ā vegetarians from West-side:Ā Hua Jin Vegetarian Family Restaurant andĀ Tanaka Vegetarian Food
  • Japanese vegetarian food (a bit pricey)Ā Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian DiningĀ andĀ HerbivoreĀ 
  • For vegan burgers you have:Ā Vegan BurgĀ and theĀ nomVnom
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, theĀ Singapore Buddhist Lodge and theĀ Kong Meng San Phor Kark See MonasteryĀ serveĀ vegetarianĀ food.

Tips: Ā Keep an eye out for the Singapore Food Festival, held every year in July.

photography ā€“Ā all rights reserved ā€“ Ana Rocha

šŸšŒ Ā Tips on how to travel inĀ Singapore on aĀ budget Ā šŸšŒ

Singapore on a Budget

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, with a tropical climate, great food, busy vibe whereĀ its always something happening IĀ stumble in many cultural activitiesĀ likeĀ concerts, performances, multimedia and water projections, so try to be aware and look at all theĀ billboards and posters that came across to you.Ā As youĀ know Singapore is not the cheapest place to visit when you have a tight budget, but it’s possible, andĀ definitely worths a visit even ifĀ short.Ā 


I travel by bus from Malacca to Singapore (24RM),Ā tookĀ 4hours to the border, then weĀ left the bus twice to show ourĀ passports. If you do the same be prepared to run… because the second time you leave the bus, they will give you 20 minutes, so take all your belongings with you and if you lose the bus don’t worry you just need to wait an hour for the next one.

Once in Singapore it’s easy toĀ travel around, they have a good and easy publicĀ transport system and almost everyone speaks English šŸ™‚ when using the bus just make sure you have always the correct amount because they don’t give change.

Here is a list of my favorite places, that you should visit and tips to save money:

Places to explore:

  • Marina Bay – very cosmopolitan, great views, includes The Merlion Square
  • Botanic gardens – is aĀ Unesco World Heritage Site, It’s more natural than Gardens by the Bay which seems to be more man-made (although very beautiful in its way) – free entry – they have frequentĀ concerts from theĀ SingaporeĀ Symphony Orchestra come early and bring a picnic.
  • Gardens by the Bay – Ā this futuristic garden deserves aĀ visit during the day-light and another visit during the night betweenĀ 7.45pm and 8.45 pm, when the trees twinkle and glow with music –Ā free entry
  • Marina Bay Sands – greatĀ viewsĀ 
  • Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay,Ā greatĀ place near The Merlion Square. Has always lots going on (some are free).Ā The shape on the outside was inspired on theĀ famousĀ durianĀ fruit.
  • Baba House – (Peranakan home) located nearĀ ChinatownĀ has aĀ free hour-long tour but booking is required

  • Sri Mariamman TempleĀ – Ā oldest Hindu temple –free entry

  • Thian Hock KengĀ  – Singaporeā€™s oldest ChineseĀ temple –free entry
  • Clark Quay – busy nightlifeĀ 

  • Southern Ridges trailĀ –Ā greatĀ walking trailsĀ through 10km of forest and canopy walks.

  • China town
  • Little India
  • Arab district (great walkĀ early morning before the crowds arrive) don’t miss theĀ Haji Lane –Ā it’sĀ Ā heaven for art and culture lovers.Ā 
  • Orchard Road


  • Art Museum (freeĀ on Fridays after 6pm), incredible good
  • Peranakan Museum (1/2 price after 7pm – $5)
  • Asian Civilisation MuseumĀ (1/2 price after 7pm – $5)
  • National Museum ($10) –Ā check the website forĀ free guided toursĀ – offered daily

If you have time:

  • Movie Mob –Ā Ā freeĀ outdoor movie with drive-in concept and picnic events. Ā Happens around Singapore (check their page)
  • Haw Par Villa (founder of Tiger Balm) outdoor exhibitions of Ā Chinese mythology and legends.Ā –Ā free entry
  • East Coast Park – 15km stretch of beach (can getĀ busy during theĀ weekend)


Accommodation:Ā Ā it will be your biggest expense in Singapore, so you must do yourĀ research with time and book before your arrival.Ā Backpacking is by far the cheapest option you can get somethingĀ forĀ $20-30 p/night. If you want moreĀ privacy and be in contact with local people airbnb would be a good option.

Eating:Ā  hawkerĀ centersĀ are by far the cheapest and bestĀ option you haveĀ toĀ taste Singaporeā€™s multi-cultural food.Ā I haveĀ tried many different ones and they were allĀ a complete delight for every foodie,a main can cost fromĀ $3-7. Remember that in Singapore you canĀ drink tap water it is safe and clean.

I hope you don’tĀ miss Singapore from yourĀ travel list.

photography ā€“Ā all rights reserved ā€“ Ana Rocha

šŸœ More about vegan food in SingaporeĀ šŸœ

Bali – Indonesia

Sofia Fernandes, is a 22 years old Portuguese women, that works in Cambridge in the tourism area. Sofia is an easy-going and sociable person that enjoys spending time with her friends, travel and to do exercise.Ā Last month she did her first solo travel trip to Bali – Indonesia. Have a read, and feel free to leave any comments and questions.

“Traveling solo was a life-changing experience.

New cultures, new people, different costumes and food, you find yourself at home because everyone is so friendly.

Mainly, I consider it’s quite easy to find vegetarian options. They serve the typical fried rice or noodles with vegetables that is actually quite tasty. It usually comes with a fried egg on top, so if you are vegan, just ditch the egg. They have a vast selection of fresh juices that you can order for breakfast, so sweet, refreshing and all natural. My favorite was the watermelon juice that we got as a welcome drink in one of the places we stayed in. The locals are so welcoming and genuine, definitely fell in love with the people, always willing to help with a smile on their face. Since it’s a very poor country, they normally grow their own food,

Since it’s a very poor country, they normally grow their own food, obviously, everything is organic and tastier. We had the amazing chance to try home cooked food by one Balinese family and it was incredible. They offered a buffet with a lot of vegetarian options including tempeh and tofu so you wouldn’t miss out. They had the famous Bakwan Jagun which is basically corn fritter served with rice and chili sauce, my favorite – Keripik tempeh pedas – thinly sliced tempeh, fried, and doused in spicy, sweet sauce and much more. However, they mainly eat pork and chicken. Kuta is probably the easiest place to eat because it offers a lot of different restaurants with all kinds of food, it’s more western since it’s a very touristic place. I definitely recommend visiting, it’s a piece of heaven with a lot of healthy options!!”


photography ā€“Ā all rights reserved ā€“Ā Sofia Fernandes