Have you heard about PermaLeaf®?

Green is by far my favorite color, and have it around makes me feel happier, comfortable, and relaxed. At home, I have plants in all compartments, and even though I have a garden I have artificial plants inside.

I use them for many different reasons, one is because I travel a lot, and they will survive during my absence 🙂 also not to support commercial growers which use lots of chemicals.  Neither international farm companies that have their workers working for long hours, little pay, under bad conditions and exposed to dangerous chemicals, what make it essential to buy fair-trade products, as from bee friendly farms. So when buying plants chose the ones that protect both the natural environment and the workers’ rights.

As a vegan before buying, I do my research to know I what they are made from and how they are made. You will be happy to know that PermaLeaf silk flowers and artificial greens are completely animal-product free 🙂 that means no silk and no gelatine to stiffen the materials.


What Makes Faux Plants for Office Outdoor Landscapes So Majestic?

Faux plants and trees are being recognized as one of the durable, appealing and cost-effective solutions to commercial landscaping due to their ease of installation and requirement of fewer maintenance efforts. Moreover, these help you form lifelike garden for your space and nobody can even realize that those are fake. All this makes artificial trees and plants a preferable solution to the landscaping needs. With limitless open options with best artificial plants and trees, you can choose the most elegant and personalized landscape as per your outdoor architectural requirements. As commercials and businesses have numerous problems for upkeep and maintenance of real landscape and hence these artificial plants and make their way to landscaping quite easier and hassle-free.


Add A Sense of Wellbeing to Their Aura

The lifelike environment created by artificial landscaping products enhance energy, elegance and a feeling of wellbeing all around. This is proven in studies that a greener environment created by plants and trees soothes eyes of everyone and thus relieves stress from mind thus improving metal health to a greater extent. For commercial environments, it is crucial to offer an environment to employees that can support their wellbeing thus increasing productivity and performance. Moreover, a greener environment also lets people to get close to nature and feel comfortable and interested in the surrounding. All this offered by faux plants and trees is a big plus to businesses and commercial establishments.


Create A Mesmerizing and Inviting Environment

There are countless varieties in artificial plants ranging from small potted plants to large sized trees, verities of flowers and artificial ferns hanging baskets. You can find replication of most of the living verities of plants and trees in artificial form that you can incorporate into your outdoor space without bothering about their maintenance requirements and all. These enormous kinds of fake landscaping solutions can complement any of your outdoor architectural features.

Silk Flowers to Give A Touch of Creative Color

Artificial technology not only gives you green leafy plant options for building outdoor landscape rather you can also add flower verities as well to your lawn just like you do in real landscaping. Even in real landscaping, you have to limit landscaping up to certain type of flower plants due to the varying weather requirements of flowers, but in artificial landscaping, you can have all the flower verities for your landscape. Ranging from, beautiful dahlias and lilies to rose, sunflower, floral vines, orchids and numerous other silk flowers for outdoors, every kind of flower is possible in your landscape. These flowers can create a lovely, colorful and appealing landscape for your outdoor settings.

No Maintenance Landscape

Another major problem with living plants is the efforts required to maintain the plants and trees. The proper care need to be given to the plants keeping in mind all kinds of weather conditions. Regular cutting, pruning, fertilizing and watering requirements need to be met to keep them blooming in your commercial space. To meet the costs required to manage all this may require to a lot a special budget. Whereas in case of artificial trees and plants, you don’t need to give them special attention, no watering, no pruning and fertilizing at all, you only need to do occasional dusting to eliminate the dirt from the plants. Even without demanding any care, they can last for years keeping your space lush green and colorful. Whether you choose greener leafed plants or colorful artificial garden plants flowers, all varieties exhibit the same feature of low maintenance requirements.

Backed up with Fire Retardant Properties

Nowadays, most of the artificial landscaping solutions come with fire retardant properties which make them safe and secure especially for commercial environments. The artificial trunks and leaves of plants are infused with fire retardant chemicals that eliminate the fear of worsening the fire hazard conditions.

This kind of special and useful technology has been incorporated keeping in mind the various risks of commercial and business environments. This makes artificial plants and trees a totally secure product for any place. Whether you use them inside or outside, you can stay stress-free all the time.

UV and Water Resistance

Along with fire retardant properties artificial plants especially outdoor artificial plants come packed with water and UV resistant properties. This means your faux plants and trees can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and can stay undamaged throughout the year.

Whether it’s a sharp sunny day or a heavy rainy season, these plants will keep making your commercial outdoor look fabulous and lush green.

No matter what type of plant you are using, whether these are outdoor artificial topiary plants, faux flowers of any verities or artificial boxwood shrubs, their UV and water resistance power will prevent them from getting damaged or fade away. These plants can even be placed on the areas that are harder to reach as you don’t need to water, prune or fertilize them.

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