A vegan in Melaka

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We attempted to go to¬†the¬†Night Market on¬†Jonker Street but was¬†choc-a-bloc with people, so¬†we gave up on that, but not on¬†the idea of finding a good market away from the heavy tourist wave. So we talked with a few locals and cycled to the suburbs to find a great market thrumming with locals and fresh vegan treats, and we also found a good small night market ¬†with the best¬†popiahs in the world ūüôā

Malaysia is one of the easiest places in South East Asia to find vegan and vegetarian food,¬†and¬† Melaka wasn’t an exception. You have great street food, ¬†eateries and restaurants,¬†among the places I tried, I do recommend the¬†Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant,¬†¬†the¬†Mori Vegetarian Tea House,¬†the indian restaurant¬†Selvam¬†Restrain, and the¬†Veggie Planet¬†

Once in Melaka if you want to try something different and delicious don’t miss:

  • Lei Cha, a traditional hakka rice dish,
  • Roti canai,
  • mock meat,
  • fresh spring¬†rolls (popiahs),
  • Barley drink,
  • one of this great¬†sweets, kuih,¬†ondeh-ondeh, putu piring (steamed rice flour cake with gula melaka filling), Putu Bambu (rice flour¬†and shredded coconut with a filling of gula melaka), Apam Balik¬†(pancakes filled¬†with sweetcorn and peanuts),

To¬†come to the point,¬†we did a lot of really good eating, which always makes us happy. Malaysia and Melaka is full of foodie surprises…

photography ‚Ästall rights reserved ‚Äď Ana Rocha

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Don’t mess with Melaka

We landed in Kuala Lumpur and went straight away by bus to Melaka what takes approximately 2 hours, and we felt in love with this small appealing and pleasant town.


Melaka was colonised by the the Dutch, Portuguese and British. The city has a rich history and to tells it proudly with it’s¬†14 museums ūüôā You can say that fusion is a good word to use when talking about Melaka, once¬†you can find in this charming city¬† Christian churches, chinese and hindu ¬†temples, mosques and red-brick buildings.


Melaka is a UNESCO world heritage site and an exciting place to discover. You can easily walk to every point of interest, and if you want to go further you can always rent a bike. The city has great views, artistic buildings and streets. Although not to the extent of Penang there is a lot of street art to be found in the side street nearby the River.

The Dutch Square is the tourist centre, it’s buildings are painted red but more surprising than that are the colourful and noisy trishaws decorated with famous cartoon characters.


The Jonker Street,  is the main tourist street which can be very crowded. The Ruins of St Paul’s Church are at the top of St Paul’s Hill.


Melaka has a large and thriving Chinatown that deserves a visit. The Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is the oldest functioning Chinese temple in Malaysia and a must see.


Melaka is a great place to seat and watch the world go by,  either by the river, or at one of the great many eateries. Food was one of my favourite parts of Melaka  so if you are interested check out the link Р  ? ?a vegan in Melaka ??

photography ‚Ästall rights reserved ‚Äď Ana Rocha