Sweet potato chocolate cookies (bolinhos de batata doce e chocolate)


img_1475This recipe is vegan, gluten, sugar and fat free and still DELICIOUS  uses only a few ingredients it’s easy to prepare and will surprise you.

  • 100g dates
  • 200g water
  • 340/350g sweet potatoes (steamed and mashed)
  • 30g  cocoa
  • 80g oat flour
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 handfuls raisins (or to taste)
  • 2 handfuls sunflower seed and/or nuts (to taste)

Put all the ingredients (less the raisins and seeds/nuts) in a food processor or blender and process until pureed. Add the raisins and sunflower seeds and mix until combined.

Spoon the cookie dough, by the heaping tablespoonful, onto a baking sheets and bake for  25 to 35 minutes at 200°C.

Remove the cookies from the oven and allow to rest and cool down.

These cookies are not crispy they are soft in the middle.



Esta receita é vegan, sem glúten, açúcar e gordura e mesmo assim é super DELICIOSA.

  • 100 g tâmaras 
  • 200 g de água
  • 340 / 350g de batata-doce (cozida e esmagada)
  • 30g de cacau
  • 80g de farinha de aveia
  • 1 c.de sopa de canela
  • 2 mãos cheias de  passas (a gosto)
  • 2 mãos cheias de sementes de girassol e / ou frutos secos (a gosto)

Colocar todos os ingredientes (menos as passas e as sementes/frutos secos) no processador de alimentos ou liquidificador e processar até obter uma massa homogénea. Adicionar as passas e as sementes de girassol/frutos secos e misturar.

Com a ajuda de uma colher, colocar pequenas porções de massa num tabuleiro de forno forrado com papel vegetal e levar ao forno por 25 a 35 minutos a 200 ° C.
Retire os biscoitos do forno, deixe descansar e arrefecer.

Estas bolachas não são estaladiças  são  bastante suaves.



26 thoughts on “Sweet potato chocolate cookies (bolinhos de batata doce e chocolate)

  1. Lydia McConnell

    Yum!!! These sound amazing! I can’t wait to return home from my travels to try out the recipe!

  2. sabrina

    Oh, is there another substitute for sweet potato? I cant seem to get any on hand at the moment :'(

    • cook the beans

      Hi Sabrina I don’t think so :/ but nothing better than trying something different 😉 If you try with a different ingredient let me know how it went 😀

  3. sabrina

    Gonna try these too! Looks great 🙂

  4. Joëlle

    I will be trying it soon, but I may tweak it a little, adding tiger nut flour for added crunch… Not sure yet. Anyway, chocolate and sweet potato sound like a good pair!

      • Joëlle

        Hi! The cookies still came out soft in spite of the added flour. My (difficult) husband was looking for crunchiness, so he was disappointed. I didn’t mind. Interesting texture, I am thinking this mix would be good for a vegan cake.
        Obridaga pela receita, até a próxima! ?

        • cook the beans

          Yes they are not crunchy at all 😉 i never tried it for a cake .. if you try let me know if works well 🙂 thanks for your feedback

  5. emmanic

    Those look incredible! I will definitely be trying them soon!

    • cook the beans

      this ones are perfect, no sugar and no fat, only good healthy ingredients 😉

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