Street art in Marseille

Street art in Marseille

In the quartier of Cour Julien and the in theΒ quartier of Le Panier walls are extravagantly painted for everyone to decipher and enjoy.

Both are wonderful areas with loads of quirky stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, and colourful street art and graffiti covering most of the facades.

Make sure you have the time to explore it!


Marseille is a real treat for street art lovers, hope you have enjoyed this small gallery.

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha




14 thoughts on “Street art in Marseille

  1. pedrol

    que maravilha Ana, belo post πŸ™‚ quando estive em Marselha nΓ£o tive tempo para explorar a cidade, espero lΓ‘ voltar e ver toda esta arte πŸ™‚ abraΓ§o, PedroL

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