Rundale Palace guide

Known as the “Versailles of Latvia,” the Rundāle Palace is a gorgeous gem worth spending a day visiting while in Latvia.

This 18th Century Baroque palace is located just a little over an hour out of Riga. From its ornate interiors, baroque architecture to detailed, flourishing gardens, everything is a must here.

Rundāle Palace houses a museum which displays applied arts, fine arts and historical expositions.

The French style park is really well kept. you can walk around the rose garden, the Green Theatre, ornamental parterres and the fountain.

The entrance fee for what they call the Long Route is €8, this includes the palace and the French gardens.

How to get to Rundale Palace from Riga

There are no direct trains or buses to reach Rundāle, but it’s still quite easy to get here from Riga.

Take a bus to Bauska then transfer to another bus for Pilsrundāle, where the palace is located. It takes around 90-minute in total (not including transfer time).

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha

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  1. Miguel A. Gonçalves

    Já há alguns anos que tenho andado deslumbrado, apenas virtualmente, pelos países do Báltico. Estes teus posts têm ajudado muito a aumentar esse meu interesse 🙂

    • Ana Rocha ??

      Ficam as sugestões 🙂 e esperemos começar a viajar outra vez brevemente depois deste vírus passas 😉 espero que estejas bem Miguel ?

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