2016-06-14 20.23.19Cooking polenta is quick, easy, and a tasty addition to different meals.

  • 1 organic ready made Polenta (or you can do your own)
  • 2tbsp of the olive oil
  • Salt, pepper, and other spices and herbs

Cut the polenta into 1cm (½in) thick slices. Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan.  Place the slices on the pan.  Season with salt, pepper, and other spices and you like. (I like to use garlic and onion powder, chili, parsley, chive, tarragon, basil, paprika, and lemon) Flip and cook the other side. Remove from pan when golden and crisp.

TIPS: Serve the polenta with green vegetables and fresh salad.

PT-  Cozinhar polenta é rápido e fácil, e acaba por ser uma saborosa adição a diferentes pratos.

  • 1 embalagem de Polenta orgânica pronta a comer (ou podes fazer a tua)
  • 2 c. sopa de azeite
  • Sal, pimenta, especiarias e ervas aromáticas a gosto

Cortar a polenta em fatias com 1cm, aquecer o azeite numa frigideira. Colocar as fatias no azeite, temperar com sal, pimenta e outras especiarias e ervas aromáticas a gosto. (eu gosto de usar alho, cebola seca, salsa, manjericão, paparica, limão)  ir virando para cozinhar do dois lados. Retirar do lume quando estiverem douradas e crocantes.

Dicas: Servir a polenta com legumes verdes e salada fresca.


8 thoughts on “Polenta

  1. veganrescue

    I love polenta! Especially with chili and paprika. I’ll have to try with tarragon and chives -all the herbs sounds yummy.

  2. BlissfullyGrateful

    I have never seen or eaten polenta like this ?I really want to try it now. I guess I really have to go on a thorough search for it in the supermarket ? I will totally be making this recipe once I find it. xx

    • cook the beans

      in the Uk you can find it in any big supermarket, I imagine that would be easy in Netherlands too

      • BlissfullyGrateful

        I mean I can easily find cornmeal but not ready made polenta ? Those polenta slices look way too good!

  3. veganbythebookblog

    I love polenta slices topped with homemade pesto or with cashew-based mozzarella and olive or cherry tomatoes.

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