Mainz the colourful city at the Rhine River

Mainz stretches along the Rhine at its confluence with the River Main. It’s a small university city that is more charming, beautiful and vibrant that the famous neighbors of Cologne and Frankfurt. 

Mainz is part of one of the most scenic train rides in all of Germany, to say the least. So travel by train is mandatory. You really can’t miss it, I assure that the ride will be one of the highlights of your trip to Germany.

The train journey is along the banks of the river, its a relaxing journey that dazzles with its ruins of old fortresses, beautiful castles, small medieval towns, and countless vines. Most of the towns in this line are worth a visit if you have the time.

A good way to visit them is to stay in Mainz and do a return day journey to visit some of the most historic towns along the river.


Mainz has a charming and inviting Old Town, easily explored by foot. The historic streets impress mostly with it’s fantastic architecture, cobbled streets, beautiful half-timbered houses, small boutiques, appealing open squares, restaurants, wine bars, rustic taverns and interesting museums and churches.

The atmospheric square, where the weekly farmers market takes place is the place where the impressive Roman Catholic church from the 10th century is located. The beautiful Mainz Cathedral – Dom is perfectly situated in the heart of the city, facing the Gutenberg Museum.

This museum is one of the oldest printing museums in the world and was founded over 500 years ago. The exhibition is a journey through the writing and printing history.

Unlike the Dom, the Gutenberg museum is not free. The ticket is 5€ for adults.

From the museum when walking through the pedestrian street  “Augustinerstraße” (Augustinerstrasse), you can still see some details of the magnificent cathedral. This street leads to a Roman theatre.

The St. Stephen’s Church It’s another church that deserves a visit, for its world-famous Chagall windows. They have that name because of the ethereal stained-glass created by the Russian-Jewish artist Marc Chagall, as a symbol of the Jewish–Christian reconciliation.

A walk on the promenade along the Rhine River banks is also great.

Useful tips

  • Mainz old town is a bit more than one kilometer from the train station.
  • Cycling is also an option in Mainz, you just need the install an app to use one of the many public bicycles around town.
  • Ryanair links several European airports with Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which is closer to Mainz than Frankfurt.
  • To reach the airport from the city or the city from the airport buy online a ticket from one of the low-cost bus companies. The bus is direct and takes 1.30h.
  • If you’re a fan of Carnaval you should go in February to take part in the traditional carnival festivities.

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha

23 thoughts on “Mainz the colourful city at the Rhine River

  1. Sandhya

    Loved the photos! what a great place. I especially like the old city photos!

    • Ana Rocha ??

      thank you Tanja for leaving a comment, you’re really lucky, Mainz is an adorable town 🙂

  2. BlissfullyGrateful

    This was such an interesting read! I know Germany quite well by now as I have lived there and visit it still pretty often but I have never got to visit Mainz. Great to know that you recommend it. I will keep it in mind in my next trip to Germany. Thank you xx

    • Ana Rocha ??

      the Rhineland region is one of my favourites, from what you visited from Germany what’s your favourite region/city?

      • BlissfullyGrateful

        I’d say that Bavaria is my fave area of Germany. I can’t really pick only a city but I’d say that Mannheim, Berlin, Cologne and Munich are my fave cities. ♥

          • BlissfullyGrateful

            I might be a little bit biased when it comes to my opinion about Mannheim because I lived there and had a great time. I am not sure whether as a “tourist” you would like it as much as I do but I still strongly advise you to visit it 😀 x

          • Ana Rocha ??

            I will keep that in mind ? I know that is always different when you live in a place and when you just go there for a few days.. but still I trust your recommendation. I will visit Mannheim next time I travel to Germany 😉 thanks xx

  3. Chrissy

    OMG, I can leave comments again! It got fixed!? I just tested it with a heart emoji. Man, it was very frustrating to not be able to communicate with you and your blog by leaving comments and likes!

    I’m very happy it works for me again!

    Beautiful blog post! ❤️???? You always have great photography too!

    • Ana Rocha ??

      Hi Chrissy, it’s working thanks to you ? I fixed it after receiving your email. thanks again for letting me know ???

      • Chrissy

        That’s fantastic! I am VERY happy about that, lol! I’m sure it impacted your other readers too.

  4. Jim

    I was in Mainz in 2015 on a Rhine River cruise. I had a greta time there. did you see the Gutenberg Museum? 🙂

  5. jyo

    Beautiful city and beautiful pics ?

  6. IQ

    The Mainzer Dom is incredibly impressive! Even better is that it’s close to 1,000 years old, and that Frederick Barbarossa launched the third crusade from there!

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