holiday time??

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Thank you all so much for your support since I created the page?
Just want to let you know that I’m going on holiday tomorrow… that means NO time for blogging, NO cooking and NO recipe posts.
But if you want you can still follow me on Instagram (cook_the_beans) where I will put some pictures of vegan /vegetarian food from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei ?
lots of love xx

11 thoughts on “holiday time??

  1. Rhythm

    Hey, happy holidays, when you visit Singapore do try South Indian food at komal villas, they serve very authentic and completely vegetarian food.

    If you want to try North Indian Food do visit Shiv sagar or Kailash parbat.

    All of them are located in Little India ?

    Happy holidays…. Will be waiting for your posts. Enjoy.

    • cook the beans

      don’t really know when I’m going to be there, because is a non planed trip ☺ but would say that I will be around sSingapore in 2/3 weeks! Thanks so so much for the tips 😀 will definitely go to try the South Indian food at komal villas, visit Shiv sagar and the Kailash parbat. 😀 really happy with your feedback!! thanks again ?

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