Before embarking on my first interrail many moons ago, I didn’t really expect much from Germany, and well.. how wrong was I. Germany really surprised me for the best, and since then every time I have the opportunity I return to this stunning country.

Germany is a Western European country, with the most stunning landscapes. You can have here literally a bit of everything, from forests, rivers, mountains and beaches, stunning big-cities, romantic palaces, half-timbered towns and vast vineyards.

Germany is also known for its arts, beer and food, and I’m not talking about heavy meaty dishes and sausage, I’m talking about vegan food. In the last couple of year Germany become one of the best places to travel to if you have a plant-based diet.

Find a bit more about Germany and let me know if you need any tips.


Düsseldorf a surprising city along the River Rhine

Düsseldorf’s Carnival

Düsseldorf Art Scene & Architecture 

Mainz the colourful city at the Rhine River

Cologne travel

Bacharach a charming town of the Rhine Valley

Love Ana xx