From Tallinn to Helsinki by Ferry

If you have time to spare in Tallinn why not to take the Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki across the Gulf of Finland? It’s an opportunity to be in two different countries in one day.

The Tallinn-Helsinki Ferries are huge cruise comfortable ships, with various facilities. The journey takes only 2 hours and the ticket costs about €20-30 and can be booked online or at the terminal.

recommend taking the earliest cruise to Helsinki and the latest cruise back, so you can comfortably explore Helsinki for a full day. Numerous ferries cover this distance throughout the day, so it’s easy to organize it.

Visiting Helsinki in 1 day

Although Helsinki is one of Scandinavia’s most popular destinations, one day was enough to scratch the surface of the city, especially because I didn’t really feel seduced by the city. Helsinki doesn’t have the charm of an old city neither the excitement of an extra modern one…

What to do in Helsinki

The best thing about the city is its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Helsinki is a small capital city, the centre is compact, and in one day, you can cover most of the highlights.

The city has plenty of museums and some interesting architecture but is quite pricey. Nevertheless, there are plenty of free things to do.

If you visit during the summertime Helsinki is full of free performances, from concerts to stand-up comedy shows.

If you’re looking to add more context to what you see you might consider doing a free walking tour. They give you a glimpse of the history and talk about Finn’s everyday life and culture.

Top things to do for free:

The best time to visit Helsinki is definitely during the summer season from June to September because the days are longer and the temperatures are mild.

Have you visited Helsinki? How did you like visiting the capital of Finland?

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha

7 thoughts on “From Tallinn to Helsinki by Ferry

  1. Cindy Gelpi

    I did the opposite and went and spent a few nights in Tallin. I thought the ferry over was a cool experience in itself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. coloradotravelingducks

    Took the ferry from Talinn to Helsinki several years ago. Enjoyed the ferry and each city was interesting. Thanks for great memories

  3. equinoxio21

    The furthest up North I have gone is Stockholm… I’m not great in cold weather… 🙂
    Maybe I will try it one summer…
    Obrigado pelo post.
    A T

  4. Jim

    nice post and wonderful photos. Finland is on my bucketlist.

  5. leggypeggy

    We had a great time in Helsinki and also did a 9-day self-drive in the countryside.

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