France is located in Western Europe and is an interesting country full of history, culture, art and great food markets. France is a seductive country where you will find, some of the best museums worldwide,  medieval cities, great beaches, stunning cathedrals, and châteaux, alpine villages, prehistoric caves, and iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

You also can’t miss the small pleasures that this country has to offer like contemplate a sunset from a cafe terrace, visit a lace-curtained bistro or have a glass of wine in one of the vineyards.

I’ve been to France many times because it’s a big and diverse country that always has something new to offer. i haven’t still come close to exhausting its riches.

Have a look through the articles below and send me a message if you need any tips.


Street art in Marseille

Marseille, the French Port

Carcassonne, medieval France

Albi a beautiful town in southern France

Toulouse, La Ville Rose

Love Ana xx