Easy & tasty chickpea Burger (hambúrger de grão de bico)

Process the chickpeas but leave it with some texture. Add all the other ingredients and use your hands to mix. Shape your burgers and cook them in the oven, grill or fry in just a little bit of olive oil.

TIPS: If you want to make sure they will not fell apart, after shaping your burgers you can put them in the freezer for 1 hour and then cook them.


  • 1 caneca de grão de bico cozido (medir depois de cozer ou usar de lata)
  • 1 cenoura média (ralada)
  • 1 cebola pequena (picada) 
  • 2 dente de alho
  • 1/4 caneca de farinha de aveia 
  • 1/4 caneca de farinha de linhaça
  • 2 c. sopa de azeite 
  • Sal, pimenta, especiarias e ervas a gosto (costumo usar – sal, pimenta, cominhos, oregãos e pimentão)
  • uma mão cheia de nozes (opcional) 

Processar o grão de bico, mas deixar com textura. Misturar todos os ingredientes e moldar os hambúrguers. Levar ao forno, grelhar ou fritar.

DICA: Estes hambúrguers não se costumam desfazer mas para que seja mais fácil, podem-se congelar primeiro por 1 hora e depois então cozinhar.

14 thoughts on “Easy & tasty chickpea Burger (hambúrger de grão de bico)

      • Joëlle

        I have tried this recipe and wanted to give you some feedback. My patties were good, albeit a little dry but I am not blaming your recipe. There are a number of reasons why they came out this way: first the chickpeas I used had been steamed, not boiled; second I could not put any onion (because of my husband’s allergies) and it might have added some moisture; lastly I am not sure that my measurement for the quarter cup flaxseed meal and oat flour was accurate. I am used to weighing things out in grams ?! But the choice of spices was good. I will probably make this recipe again because of its simplicity, keeping all this in mind, and maybe adding some chickpea juice, more oil, and some grated zucchini for added moisture, so thank you again for sharing, Ana!

        • cook the beans

          Thanks Joëll for your feedback ? I’m sure if you play a bit adding zucchini or more oil will be less dry ? thanks again ??

  1. belgianfoodblogger

    I recently tried chickpea burgers, but you’re recipe looks better! I’ll certainly use this recipe next time

  2. thomasthevegan

    wow the pictures and ingredients for this look exceptional! Great job! I really home I get around to trying this soon (my ‘vegan recipe list’ is getting awfully crowded).


    • cook the beans

      Hi Thomas, I understand what you mean ? thanks for passing by! I really enjoy your podcasts! Ana xx

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