Delicious Vegan Apple & Pear Gummies (gomas veganas de maçã e pêra)

Find here how to make delicious Vegan Apple & Pear Gummies at home. They are a great vegan snack that uses agar powder and fresh apple and pear juice.


  • ½ cup fresh apple juice
  • ½ cup fresh pear juice
  • 1 tablespoon agar powder
  • 3-4 tablespoons sweetener (to taste)

Wash, peel, and cut the apples and add them to the blender. Blend until soft. Using a cheese-cloth, milk bag, or strainer filter the juice. Do the same with the pears.

Place all ingredients in a small saucepan on low heat, whisking frequently. Let the mixture simmer until it thickens to syrup consistency. This takes a couple of minutes.

Pour the hot liquid into silicon molds. Let cool at room temperature for 2 minutes, then refrigerate. They are ready when firm to touch.

Remove from molds, and store in the fridge if you don’t eat them all right away!

  • ½ caneca sumo de maçã
  • ½ caneca sumo de pêra
  • ½ colher de sopa de agar agar em pó
  • 1-2 colheres de sopa de adoçante (a gosto)

Lavar, descascar e colocar as maçãs numa liquidificadora. Filtrar para retirar apenas o sumo. Fazer o mesmo com as pêras.

Colocar todos os ingredientes, numa panela em lume brando, e ir mexendo. Deixar a mistura cozinhar por alguns minutos até ter uma consistência mais espessa.

Despejar o líquido quente nos moldes de silicone, e deixar arrefecer à temperatura ambiente por 2 minutos. Depois levar ao frigorifico, as gomas estão prontas quando estiverem firmes ao toque.

Retirar as gomas dos moldes e guardar num recipiente de vidro no frigorífico.

11 thoughts on “Delicious Vegan Apple & Pear Gummies (gomas veganas de maçã e pêra)

  1. the island vegan

    What a great idea! I’ve recently used agar agar to make some vegan ice cream that I will blog about this week and was thinking of what to do with it next. I was thinking vegan Jello but these gummies are an even better choice. I just need to get some silicone molds!

  2. Fire Horse

    I was seriously about to search for this recipe! And you posted it. I hope the rest of my day is this easy.

      • Fire Horse

        Can I post a photo in a comment? I used juice from grapes someone gave me. Gummies came out a pretty deep purple.

        • Ana Rocha ??

          unfortunately, I don’t think you can post a photo, but I would love to see their colour 🙂

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