IPOH Old Town and New Town

We traveled from Kuala Perlis to Ipho (state capital ofĀ Perak)Ā by bus (29RM) and arrived at the terminal Amanjaya at 22pm soĀ there wasn’t any transports (despite the taxi) to take us to Ipoh’s old town. So we stayed for the night at a nearby ‘hotel’. In the next morning we got a bus (2.5RM) and we were instantly surprised with this lovely town, that Ā has definitelyĀ some similarities toĀ George Town (inĀ Penang), one of myĀ favourite cities inĀ Malaysia.


We stayed for 2 days what wasĀ enough to visit and feel the city but not enough to visit theĀ surrounding areas.

Ipoh hasĀ a special vibe, greatĀ historic buildings,Ā lots of street art and really great food. So, should be a mandatory stop for any itinerary in Malaysia.

Ipoh old town doesn’t look to have many tourists or even manyĀ locals walking around, despite being laid back, it’s also creative, trendy and full of things to see and try, like the famous White Coffee.


Ipoh centre is split in two, theĀ old town on the west and theĀ new town on the east side of theĀ Kinta RiverĀ .

In the old town you can doĀ the Heritage TrailĀ (4 miles) and theĀ Street Art walk, for both you can grab a free map, and just lose yourself…Ā The street art Ā makes it even more interesting toĀ explore the historical city, and it’s fairly easy to find it. Most of the murals belong toĀ theĀ famous street artist Ernest ZacharevicĀ and some other locals.

You can’t miss the Kong Heng square market, an old buildingĀ full of vine covered ruins occupied now by modern stalls.

Ipoh’s LittleĀ IndiaĀ with it’sĀ colourful shops,Ā spices, musicĀ andĀ eateries, and theĀ new town on theĀ East side of the river.

The New Town has the best eateries and some more street art, so make sure you don’t miss the Mural Art Lane, that is completely covered in murals showing the Malaysian culture.

Ipoh it’s definitely a must.. have fun šŸ˜€

photography ā€“Ā all rights reserved ā€“ Ana RochaĀ