Cappadocia, Turkey’s Land of Fairy Chimneys

Turkey it’s an amazing country, that I  visited twice. It’s architecture, culture, natural wonders, food, music and dance really appeals to me.

This post is about Cappadocia a semi-arid region located in the heart of Turkey. Cappadocia is a place out of other world, it has overwhelming  landscapes that will leave a mark in our heart. While I was there, it felt like I was living in a different planet.

Was also in this region that I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, riding in a hot air balloon. Experience the sunrise and flying in a balloon in such a unique place is indescribable. From the air you have a different perspective of the volcanic rock formations and the ancient settlements. This  was truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of experience.

To visit the region I ended up renting a car for a few days, to be free to go everywhere without worrying about public transports. The roads are pretty good, easy to navigate and well signposted. Using public transport is possible though.


Cappadocia has plenty to do and see, the Göreme Open Air Museum, is an UNESCO-protected site from the 10th to 12th centuries, when Cappadocia was an important Byzantine religious centre. Göreme itself is also incredibly beautiful, the village is half buried into the hill, with stunting stone houses. Walking around the streets is a must and also to walk to Maze Caddis to see the fresco-adorned El Nazar Kilise (Evil Eye Church) and Saklı Kilise (Hidden Church).

Red and Rose Valleys are beautiful intertwining valleys between the villages of Göreme and Çavusin that extends as far as the eye can see. The landscape here is out of other planet and great for hiking, there’re dozens of them with many hidden treasures like the Kolonlu Kilise (Columned Church); Haçlı Kilise (Church of the Cross), and the Uç Haçlı Kilise (Church of the Three Crosses).

The Monk’s Valley, Pigeon Valley and the Deviant Valley  also also great for hiking and to see the breath taken fairy chimneys and other natural rock formations.

Visit one of the  underground cities, it’s an unmissable experience, Kaymaklı is the largest example, with a labyrinth of rooms connected by tunnels that extends for eight levels. Derinkuyu is the deepest and just like Kaymaklı, was used by the early Christians to hide from attack. There are many subterranean settlements but these are the most famous.

Paşabaǧ has one of the most famous landmarks of the region the fairy chimneys. A trip to Paşabaǧ valley is easily combined with a visit to Zelve Open-Air Museum.
when I say the most popular I also mean that is kind of a tourist trap with by far to many vendors.

The village of Uçhisar is the most elevated town in Cappadocia and home to the Uçhisar Castle. It’s also  a good starting point for valley walks. Like  Pigeon Valley and White Valley .The riverside town Avanos is the Mecca for pottery,  which makes it a fantastic place to purchase handmade ceramics or just watch a pottery demonstration.

Ürgüp is bigger and more developed than Göreme and Avanos and has three of the most remarkable fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, known as the “three beauties of Ürgüp” but despite that is only worth it if you are into shopping.

The village of Çavusin has the most amazing Byzantine churches, including the oldest cave church attributed to St. John the Baptist from the 5th century.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and please share your experience if you have had visited Cappadocia.

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33 thoughts on “Cappadocia, Turkey’s Land of Fairy Chimneys

  1. Brad Nixon

    Another world. I’m delighted to have your aerial photos of a place I’ve seen a little of in pictures. You had a great look at it.

  2. eekjesselyn

    WOW, Turkey is such a beautiful place! I love your pictures…stunning 🙂

  3. carolinehelbig

    Awesome place, great photos. I love the tree with the evil eyes. I still regret not doing a balloon ride when I was there.

  4. carolineontheglobe

    Ahhhh! This place is so magical. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like the one from fairy tales. Lovely <3

  5. Rini

    Your pictures are beautiful. They remind me of my experience there. 🙂

  6. Megala

    What an amazing place to visit ! I feel it is so thrilling to ride on a balloon and to have an aerial view of this beautiful city !!

    • cook the beans

      Truly was a one in a life time experience, it was my first time in a ballon (and only so far ?) in one of the most beautiful places I even seen.

    • cook the beans

      I’m sure you will have the opportunity soon 😉 Cappadocia is a must when visiting Turkey

  7. Mel & Suan

    Heheh… guess Fantasia could have been inspired by Cappadocia!

  8. incahootswithmuddyboots

    Spectacular photos! I’ve never been to Turkey and your photos make it quite appealing to visit. Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure! ?

    • cook the beans

      Thanks so much for the visit and kind words, and I’m glad I inspired you to visit Turkey one day ?

    • cook the beans

      Hi Diam, you really need to add Turkey to your bucked list, its really worthy of a visit 🙂

    • cook the beans

      Hi Latha, thanks you ? to be true Cappadocia is such a beautiful region that you can’t fail with the photos ?

      • savvysouthindian

        Oh Ana! The photos and the travel stories you share make me feel like I really visited these places they are amazing! I’m a big fan of your blog?

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