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Sofia Fernandes, is a 22 years old Portuguese women, that works in Cambridge in the tourism area. Sofia is an easy-going and sociable person that enjoys spending time with her friends, travel and to do exercise. Last month she did her first solo travel trip to Bali – Indonesia. Have a read, and feel free to leave any comments and questions.

“Traveling solo was a life-changing experience.

New cultures, new people, different costumes and food, you find yourself at home because everyone is so friendly.

Mainly, I consider it’s quite easy to find vegetarian options. They serve the typical fried rice or noodles with vegetables that is actually quite tasty. It usually comes with a fried egg on top, so if you are vegan, just ditch the egg. They have a vast selection of fresh juices that you can order for breakfast, so sweet, refreshing and all natural. My favorite was the watermelon juice that we got as a welcome drink in one of the places we stayed in. The locals are so welcoming and genuine, definitely fell in love with the people, always willing to help with a smile on their face. Since it’s a very poor country, they normally grow their own food,

Since it’s a very poor country, they normally grow their own food, obviously, everything is organic and tastier. We had the amazing chance to try home cooked food by one Balinese family and it was incredible. They offered a buffet with a lot of vegetarian options including tempeh and tofu so you wouldn’t miss out. They had the famous Bakwan Jagun which is basically corn fritter served with rice and chili sauce, my favorite – Keripik tempeh pedas – thinly sliced tempeh, fried, and doused in spicy, sweet sauce and much more. However, they mainly eat pork and chicken. Kuta is probably the easiest place to eat because it offers a lot of different restaurants with all kinds of food, it’s more western since it’s a very touristic place. I definitely recommend visiting, it’s a piece of heaven with a lot of healthy options!!”


photography – all rights reserved – Sofia Fernandes

11 thoughts on “Bali – Indonesia

  1. Sari Novita

    it’s nice to read …. I also love to write about food and the history, philosophy, ingredients, and habbits. But, I can’t write in English well, I think i have to practice hard hehe … Nice to meet you.

    I’ll revision the right spelling: Bakwan Jagun –> Bakwan Jagung, Tempeh —> Tempe

    • Ana Rocha ??

      Thanks Sari 😉 my English is not great either, but it only improves with practice ( and between me and you your English looks pretty good 🙂

  2. Meg

    Bali is beautiful I am travelling there now check out my blog? Did you go anywhere else in Indonesia you can recommend ?

      • Meg

        I know somebody let me know earlier and it should be fixed now so hopefully if u try again it will work. Sorry about that

        • cook the beans

          just checked, and its working now, you have a lovely blog.. I’m going to follow 🙂

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