A Vegan in Sabah _ Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, was actually a very pleasant surprise, through my stay I easily found really great places to eat.
I just need to start to say that KK has countless markets, all selling fresh fruit, juices, coconut water and lots of other local vegan delicacies.
I had no trouble at eating at the street markets either, the food was okay, nothing too extraordinary  but I appreciated that they could always veganaise something for me.
I’m going to start with my very favourite place of all, the Vege Garden.
The only reason I didn’t have all my meals there was just because I wasn’t always in the city and they are only open till 5pm.
This small eaterie located between an Orange Convenience store and a Tourism Operator, and it’s part of Wisma Sabah mall. the food is just amazing and it’s very affordable.
The owner is super friendly and is always happy to give you some advice about the food he has for the day, and if they have run out of food they will arrange something for you. I loved this place so much that I had all my breakfasts there, a few lunches and even a couple of meals as a snack 😀 😀
The Liew Chai Vegetarian has really delicious options of mock meat, and its very affordable.
If you are not a mock meat fan they also have a good selection of vegetables and tofu.
 This eatery is located in the middle of the food court on the lower ground floor of the Centrepoint Mall.
Beyond Veggie is located in the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. Its a bit more sophisticated and modern and more expensive than the other ones a mention. Has a huge variety of dishes and desserts and the food is tasty.
Among all the food, the most surprising things we found on KK was the coconut jelly/pudding that is served in a coconut shell with the flesh of the coconut, I truly enjoyed it.
The green caviar (called also by Latok or sea grapes), that is a type of seaweed found in Sabah and Philippines. I found it at the Night market.
Interesting enough for the first time in my travellers life I just found many stalls selling fermented drinks and herbal teas with fungus.
 Other dishes we had:
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photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha




9 thoughts on “A Vegan in Sabah _ Kota Kinabalu

  1. Juliana Ann McQueen

    Kota Kinabalu, Sabah would always be my favorite food-hunting getaway, seafood’s heaven I must say!

    • cook the beans

      Hi Juliana, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂 I heard the same about the seafood, but didn’t try because I’m a vegan. All the things I tried during my time there were really delicious 🙂

      • Juliana Ann McQueen

        Hi Ana, glad to know you enjoyed the vegies food during your visit in KK. You should come again, there are lots of tasty local delicacies to try.
        ..and yes, I like your blog very much ?

  2. gypsyjackson

    Nice review. For future reference for your readers or if you want to update, Liew Chai is in the middle of the food court on the lower ground floor of the Centrepoint Mall. It is also known as Wan Chai, and the last time I went there (about 2 years ago) it had both written on signs. They do very good lemon mock chicken!

    • cook the beans

      thanks, at the time I didn’t wrote the name of the mall in my notepad so I completely forgot the name 🙂 I just updates the post with the location!! thanks again Ana xx

      • gypsyjackson

        You are very welcome – you have just given me the impetus to start transferring all of my old reviews from another site to my WordPress, starting with Liew Chai!

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