A vegan in Melaka

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We attempted to go to the Night Market on Jonker Street but was choc-a-bloc with people, so we gave up on that, but not on the idea of finding a good market away from the heavy tourist wave. So we talked with a few locals and cycled to the suburbs to find a great market thrumming with locals and fresh vegan treats, and we also found a good small night market  with the best popiahs in the world 🙂

Malaysia is one of the easiest places in South East Asia to find vegan and vegetarian food, and  Melaka wasn’t an exception. You have great street food,  eateries and restaurants, among the places I tried, I do recommend the Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant,  the Mori Vegetarian Tea House, the indian restaurant Selvam Restrain, and the Veggie Planet 

Once in Melaka if you want to try something different and delicious don’t miss:

  • Lei Cha, a traditional hakka rice dish,
  • Roti canai,
  • mock meat,
  • fresh spring rolls (popiahs),
  • Barley drink,
  • one of this great sweets, kuih, ondeh-ondeh, putu piring (steamed rice flour cake with gula melaka filling), Putu Bambu (rice flour and shredded coconut with a filling of gula melaka), Apam Balik (pancakes filled with sweetcorn and peanuts),

To come to the point, we did a lot of really good eating, which always makes us happy. Malaysia and Melaka is full of foodie surprises…

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha

? More about Melaka here ?

16 thoughts on “A vegan in Melaka

  1. Minh Nguyen

    I also had lots of vegan food in Melaka but I still prefer that of Penang

  2. Lan

    Thank you for writing about Malaysia, specifically the amazing food that you had in Malacca/Melaka. Love this post so much!

  3. elle

    What incredible finds! I now have Malaysia on my radar. I’ve never heard of popiahs before, and just did a quick search on it. Reminds me of a cross between a spring roll and a burrito haha. I wonder if I’m completely wrong, though! I’ll have to look for a Malaysian restaurant around here and see if I can find this!

    • cook the beans

      if you decide to travel to Malasia you will love it for sure, is such a great country, and the food is just a peace of heaven ?

  4. Rini

    Wow! This only makes me more excited about travelling over to South East Asia next year. I’m not vegan, but I would definitely survive as one with foods like this over here!

  5. gypsyjackson

    Really nice to see the food selection you tried. I hope you tried the putu piring at Japan Tengkera, which Melakans rate as the best in, well the world, I guess! What did you make of the thong shui? Melaka is, in my opinion, the best city for vegetarian food in Malaysia. In the taman next to my in-laws, I have visited six vegetarian places and still have more to try!

    • cook the beans

      I definitely tried putu piring (a couple of time ?) but not sure if was at the Jalan Tengkera, I bought ones in the market and others in a small shop stall near a pet shop but can’t remember the name… thanks for your feedback ☺️

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