Cambridge, where to go?

You have many reasons to visit this extraordinary university town.  Cambridge has a unique beauty and will amaze you with it’s history, architecture, and natural beauty.

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When visiting cambridge you can’t miss the colleges and it’s gardens, the  riverside, all the green meadows surrounding the city and the Backs (gardens and parks line up beside the river behind the colleges). Walking and cycling are the best ways to visit the city.

The town is full of cyclists, students and tourists, but has a nice vibe and it’s far away from being a big chaotic city.

The Colleges are truly amazing even if you only contemplate them from the outside,  you should check in the internet if the King’s College Chapel or the Trinity College are not hosting a concert during your visit, is an excellent away to visit this two emblematic places for free and has a bonus you can listen to some great music.

Museums are free in Cambridge, if you have time you should visit them all, if not I recommend  the fabulous Fitzwilliam Museum, the Kettle’s Yard and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

If you are a fan of Sir Isaac Newton´s stop at Trinity College to see the famed apple tree where it was said to be the inspiration for his theory of gravity after being bopped on the head by one of the fallen fruits. 2015-01-09 23.58.30.jpg

If the weather invites for a piquenique the Botanic Gardens are a must, or a punting session  through the river Cam.

It’s always something happening in Cambridge so make sure you do your research and don’t miss what this city was to offer

Hope you can visit this breathtaking city and be prepared to fall a little in love with this university town.

Cambridge is very accessible by bus or train from London.

photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha 

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  1. hermannens

    I haven´t bee there for a very long time now. It´s still a very nice place. Thank you for your report. And by the way, I like your style of photography. Regards, Hermann

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