Vegan Strawberry Sorbet with 2 ingredients (Sorvete de morango vegano)

This Vegan Strawberry Sorbet is made with only 2 ingredients and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare ? ? .

It’s fresh, delicious and healthy!

  • 4 cups frozen strawberries
  • 3 Tbsp date syrup
  • fresh mint leaves (optional)

Add the frozen strawberries and the date syrup (or another sweetener), to the bowl of a food processor. Process until creamy.
TIPS:  Add the sliced mint leaves and mix.

Fresh strawberries can be used in place of frozen however, the fresh strawberries must be frozen solid.

Vegan Strawberry Sorbet 2 ingredients

PT: Sorvete de morango vegan com 2 ingredientes

Sorvete the morango com 2 ingredientes ? e pronto em 5 minutos. É fresco, delicioso e saudável!

  • 4 canecas de morangos congelados
  • 3 colheres de sopa de xarope de tâmaras 
  • folhas de menta fresca (opcional)

Adicionar os morangos congelados e o xarope de tâmaras (ou outro adoçante), no processador de alimentos e processar até ficar cremoso.

DICAS: Adicionar folhas frescas de menta picadas e misturar.

Pode-se usar morangos frescos em vez de congelados, no entanto os morangos frescos devem ser congelados antecipadamente até ficarem sólidos.

Vegan Strawberry Sorbet

8 thoughts on “Vegan Strawberry Sorbet with 2 ingredients (Sorvete de morango vegano)

  1. Mary

    I made it today, it’s so so so delicious. I need to freeze more strawberries now 🙂 hihihi

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